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LOGO - NON-WOVEN PRODUCTWe started this business in 2005 and as today we are a major player of non woven products manufacturer in Indonesia, based in Surabaya. We manufacture highest quality non woven products with the latest state of art technology. We keep a strict quality test starting from raw material throughout the production process. We do tight quality control on our material supplier in order to reach highest quality products.

Our company motto is “Improvement has no limit!” That's the reason why until today we keep doing improvement of our production process. We achieve the standard by carrying out continuous tests and taking weekly samples at every stage of the production process. Additionally, we always take a sample from every lot that leaves our warehouse.

Spunbond is environmental friendly products, and also safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable to use. Our goal is to support our customers with highest quality products and services thus give them total satisfaction. Starting May 2010 we built our official website at We do hope by using our website we can communicate with our clients in a better and faster way.

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